History of SUNFRUIT-Trade began on 5 November, 2001, when the first production line Tetra Brik Aseptic-8 1 liter slim was installed.

The First Year of the Company’s Activity

The First Year of the Companys Activity Production of 1-liter 100% juices under “Dario” trademark started on SUNFRUIT factory in December, 2001. The Companys central office was located within the production facilities and had the area of 12 sq. m. only. However, in the beginning of the next year, a separate office was rented with the area of 40 sq. m.

SUNFRUIT-Trade personnel consisted of 43 employees, out of which 30 were engaged in the production process, 8 made up the Companys management, and 5 were trade representatives.

SUNFRUIT-Trade products were supplied to the Perm Territory, the Sverdlovsk Region, the Tyumen Region, the Chelyabinsk Region, the Kirov Region, the Republic of Udmurtia. The strategy for choosing these regions was simple - the distance from the factory to the sales territory could not exceed 1,000 km.


SUNFRUIT-Trade brand portfolio was supplemented by a new trademark Krasavchik which occupied the medium price segment. Due to the portfolio enlargement, turnover of SUNFRUIT-Trade also increased. In 2004, the production volume growth rate amounted to 300% (!) as compared to 2003, and in 2005 this index equated to 120%.


Production lines for the juice product filling in 0.2 l and 0.5 l package were installed on SUNFRUIT factory.


A low price segment trademark Fruktovy ostrov appeared. In this year, the first Private Label project for LLC El Kapitan, Tyumen, was implemented. Production of the juice products under ElFrutto private label began on SUNFRUIT factory. In addition to that, the second production hall was equipped in which production of 2 liter juices and nectars was launched. The first hall was supplemented with another production line for 1 liter juice products. Due to all these events, in 2007, the Companys turnover growth rate made up 102% as compared to the prior year.


The third production hall was opened and equipped with Tetra Prisma Aseptic A3 Flex line for filling of Dario juices and nectars. Thus, the package of Dario premium mark became more convenient and modern.


Newly-designed product Grapefruit Tangerine of Krasavchik brand appeared.


In the year 2012 such newly-designed products as “Banana-Strawberry” within the product range of Krasavchik brand and new taste Berry mix of Fruktovy ostrov brand appeared. Krasavchik brand is produced in a new design. New modern package of Square format is easy-to-use and allows drinking product when moving. Elegant bow-tie logo makes package design more emotional and attractive.


DARIO brand was rebranded. At present this product is called DARIO Wellness, design became more modern and premium. In product range DARIO Wellness such mixes of superfruit as Pomegranate-Acai-Acerola, Bilberry-Cranberry-Blackberry, Guava-Lime-Litchi appeared. Superfruit are fruit and berries unique concerning high nutrients and antioxidants content.


Banana-Mango and Juicy Grapes tastes of Fruktovy ostrov TM as well as Pomegranate-Grapes of Krasavchik TM were launched.

The Company Today

During 11-year activity of LLC SUNFRUIT-Trade, the increase in production volumes has averaged to 30% per year. The number of personnel increased almost 30 times and made up over 950 qualified employees by 2013. Among them, over 350 employees work in the production and logistic sectors, 300 employees ensure management and sales. Up to 300 trade representatives work in the regions based on distributors who sell and promote the trademarks on the territories of 50 RF subjects, their population totaling to over 65 million people. SUNFRUIT Companys products are sold not only at the territory of Russia but also in CIS countries. The Companys central office is located in a separate three-story building in the historic city center, on the bank of the Kama River.