LLC «SUNFRUIT-Trade» has corporate laws describing the standards of behavior with colleagues, partners and the society in whole. Such standards allow us to be experts in our business and position the Company as a reliable partner.

The Company’s Mission

We produce and sell healthy and tasty products, improving the quality of life, bringing joy and pleasure to adults and children.

Components of the Companys Success:

  • Advanced technologies of production and business management.
  • Efficient management of business processes and product profitability.
  • Development of the professional team, improving its knowledge and skills.
  • Well-balanced portfolio of trademarks and services ensuring a successful business for our partners.
  • Stable high quality of the products.

The Companys Values

Within our work we are guided by the basic corporate values

1. Improvement.
Constant development and creation serve as tools of our Companys long-term success.
  • We are searching for and implementing the new technologies taking into account the tendencies in development of the economy branches, multiplying the Companys advantages.
  • Each of us tends to obtain a better result of work by displaying initiative and implementing innovations, thus ensuring high efficiency of the whole Team.
  • We aim at developing our professional competencies and achieving the highest product quality.

  • 2. Responsibility.
    We adhere to the corporate responsibility principles.
  • We are open and honest in relation to our colleagues, customers and partners.
  • We realize and bear responsibility for each of our actions and for the end result.
  • We take care of the environment and bear social responsibility before our colleagues, customers and the society in whole.
  • We are confident that success and prosperity of colleagues and the Company, customers and partners depend on actions performed by each of us.

  • 3. Competence.
    The high level of each individuals competence is an index of the Companys status.
  • We are guided by experience of the worlds leaders.
  • Each of us tends to use the existing resources in full, including work time, equipment, materials; at the same time, we impose the high standards of conducting business.
  • When making decisions we are guided by the Companys corporate laws and values, exceeding the expectations of our customers and partners.
  • We are improving our professional level knowledge, abilities and skills, which allows us move forward systematically.

  • 4. Partnership.
    We appreciate each customer and partner of the Company. Partnership relations are based on the mutual confidence and respect.
  • Our Company is a team of like-minded persons which works for the customers adhering to the high level business ethics.
  • e appreciate our business partners and their achievements, and seek to establish an efficient and mutually beneficial collaboration.
  • We develop the products and solutions aimed at wellbeing and health of our consumers. This implies our full openness for the new ideas, new approaches to work and attention to opinions and appraisals on the part of the end-consumers.
  • Within each action of ours, we aim at satisfaction of our customers needs.