Our juices, nectars and ice tea are produced on the modern SUNFRUIT factory equipped with Tetra Pak production lines the leader in production of equipment and materials for the antiseptic package. This package ensures that the closed product storage term makes up 9-12 months, and, the main thing, it allows avoid using preservatives.

SUNFRUIT-Trade juice products are made according to the internationally acknowledged technology preserving the taste and smell of fresh fruit. The production process is fully automated and takes place in aseptic conditions, which excludes penetration of microorganisms in the products.

The process of juice products production includes three stages.

Stage 1: obtaining juice and concentration.
The fruit growing countries have specialized fruit processing factories. The result of fruit processing is a thick juice concentrate that is subject to aseptic packaging and is supplied to SUNFRUIT factory, the city of Perm, Russia.

Stage 2: reconstitution.
By means of the special equipment, SUNFRUIT enterprise produces reconstituted 100% juices, nectars and juice drinks from the thick concentrate.

Stage 3: thermal processing and packaging.
After the reconstitution stage, all juice products are subject to the short-term thermal processing pasteurization. Pasteurization allows destroy the harmful microorganisms, preserving all useful properties and vitamins of the natural juices.

Experts of SUNFRUIT factory have developed a production control program including three stages of testing. Raw materials, packaging materials, production process and finished products are tested. Both proper laboratory of the factory and the independent accredited laboratories act as control experts.

Stage I: incoming inspection of raw and packaging materials.
Raw and packaging materials are checked for compliance with the standards developed by SUNFRUIT factory experts. Severe requirements imposed by the enterprise on suppliers of raw materials encourage a constant search of the leading producers of high quality concentrate. At present, the enterprise uses Russian apples, Argentinean tangerines, Italian grapes, Turkish tomatoes, Polish cherries and other fruit from the worlds best plantations. Special attention is paid to the quality of water used for the juice products production. Water comes from the underground sources and is subject to purification from organic impurities and treatment with bactericidal UV lamps.

Stage II: control over sanitary state of production.
SUNFRUIT factory has a technological instruction for production of juices, nectars and juice drinks. This instruction has been developed in line with requirements of the technical documentation for Tetra Pak equipment and of Sanitary Rules of 04.04.1972 No. 962-72 Sanitary Rules for Enterprises Producing Fruit and Vegetable Preserves, Desiccated Fruit, Vegetables and Potatoes, Sour Cabbage and Pickled Vegetables. According to the technological instruction, the enterprise sanitizes external and internal surfaces of the whole production equipment.

Stage III: control over the finished product.
Laboratory of the factory regularly analyses microbiological media and physical-chemical composition of the finished product to be sure in its safety for consumers.