14.05.2012 Newly-designed product from those who take care about their health.

Nowadays in a furious pace of a big city it is difficult to manage to take care about one’s health. Work schedule, stress, bad environmental conditions, fast food and just too little time for fitness. But one wants to look good, like ones reflection in the mirror, shine with energy and health. And what to do in this case then?

23.04.2012 An article about the Company SUNFRUIT was issued in the magazine Expert of Siberia.

Recently it was difficult to imagine that the Russian company with regional roots can compete with international corporations with long history and huge advertising budgets. For instance, juice and nectar market at our country is owned for more than 70% by The Coca-Cola Company (brands “Rich”, Dobry, Moya Semya) and PepsiCo Ink (Ya, J7, Fruktovy sad, Tonus, Privet), and only remaining part is divided between the Russian companies.

21.04.2012 Company SUNFRUIT became the sponsor of the VIII Perm Forum Person. Society. Country.

Juices “DARIO” and Krasavchik satisfied the thirst of intense discussions at the Perm Forum. The main issues were open government and social capital.

10.04.2012 Company SUNFRUIT confirmed high quality of its products.

Juices “DARIO”, Krasavchik and Fruktovy ostrov won the IX annual Festival of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Products Quality.

20.02.2012 Interview of Igor Kolpakov Krasavchik against Pepsi.

Igor Aleksandrovich, head-office of the Company “Sunfruit” is in Perm, but you work far beyond the region borders. How does the company set itself up at the market as a regional or rather a federal player?

31.01.2012 Newly-designed product in the line of juices Krasavchik

Company “SUNFRUIT-Trade”, producer of 100% of juices and nectars, expanded its range of products of the trademark Krasavchik with a newly-designed product – nectar Banana-strawberry.

10.01.2012 Trademark Fruktovy ostrov has a newly-designed product: Mix of Berries.

Full-flavored berries of strawberry, raspberry and black currant not only create summer mood in winter but also are source of vitamins.

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