10.09.2011 Dario juices and nectars line renewal

SUNFRUIT-Trade brings good news: The juices and nectars line of the Dario trademark premium segment is renewed.

18.08.2011 News about SUNFRUIT-Trade were published in the Prod&Prod magazine.

SUNFRUIT-Trade, a producer of juices, nectars and cold tea is glad to carry a renewal of Krasavchik trademark.

25.07.2011 SUNFRUIT-Trade has celebrated the holiday of commercial workers by a corporate event.

SUNFRUIT-Trade employees traditionally come from all over the country to the holiday of commercial workers.

10.04.2011 Quality of SUNFRUIT juices is always on the first place.

A SUNFRUIT-Trade delegation has returned with the victory in the Eighth Annual Festival of the Quality of Beer, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Products.

14.02.2011 News about SUNFRUIT-Trade was published in the newspaper Business in Kazakhstan.

Civilized juice market in Russia is rather young it is accepted to date its origin 1992, when the production of juices of the Soviet bottling was reduced almost to zero, and new products in aseptic carton package appeared on shelves instead of usual glass jars. The August crisis of 1998 forced to leave the Russian market not only almost all importers of juice products, but also many small and medium-sized juice producers. But the same crisis gave an opportunity to the strongest domestic producers significantly to strengthen their positions.

10.02.2011 Article about SUNFRUIT-Trade was published in Business-Magazine.

Market disruption of juices and nectars in 2009 caused a lot of discussions about who of the industry participants had been prepared better for severities.

13.11.2010 We Are 9 Years Old!

Employees of SUNFRUIT-Trade have celebrated the ninth anniversary of their beloved Company.

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