In the newspaper Business Kazakhstan an article about SUNFRUIT Company was issued.

Summer-2012: let’s drink juices!

Summer is coming – it is a rush time for travel companies and other participants of “vocational” market. Expecting seasonal increase of consumer activity there are supplies of refreshment drinks: it is not a secret that this market in summer is especially dynamic. Each year consumers preferences in relation to that what to drink in hot days change. What are such tendencies and what will the citizens of the Republic drink this summer?

It is proved to be that it is important for a modern consumer not only to quench thrust but do this first of all with a use and at the second with a taste. To observe balance between satisfaction and positive effect to health fruit juices help. This unique on its usefulness product that with absolute use brings consumer happiness as well. One of the huge juices and nectars producers SUNFRUIT Company bases its production on three pillars such as quality, usefulness and enjoyment. This Company is one of the starting participants of juice market with growing popularity in Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the research of Good agency and the data of the year 2011 each adult resident of a big city in the Republic of Kazakhstan (16-65 years old) in average monthly drink about 14 l of the bought non-alcoholic drinks and spends for this 1,500 tenge. Moreover, consumer market of Almaty takes 20% of the Republic market. And interest to carbonated beverages decreases and the vector changes in favor of more useful juices and mineral water, research confirms.

Volume of the consumed refreshment drinks in a summer season increases in many times and one of the most significant choice criteria naturally becomes the price.

Consumers now have possibility to choose juices complying with the highest quality requirements and not influencing personal and family budget. Good agency says that the main tendency at present is just juice as an alternative to lemonades.

In products range of SUNFRUIT there are juices of Fruktovy ostrov trademark that differ not only with beautiful taste properties but are also available in terms of the price. This makes Fruktovy ostrov juices especially attractive for local consumer. All the products, that is quite important, comply with GOST requirements.

All the production stages go through strict control: raw materials, blends are checked, selective control in the production process, package control are carried out, products are checked when stored. To check the products the company has its own licensed laboratory all this allow producing juices of high quality, explains Director General of SUNFRUIT Igor Kolpakov.

Moreover, this Company constantly observes modern tendencies and with significant regularity issue newly-designed products in fact, one of the most important success factors at rather difficult refreshment beverages market is today its diversity. Those times when undoubtedly unwinnable sales leader was exotic for Kazakh consumer cola or soluble drinks passed long ago. Modern citizen exhausted with thirst more attentively observes that he exactly drinks and gives preference to those drinks that are useful and enjoyable at once. One of the newly-designed products of SUNFRUIT that absolutely complies with these both requirements is Mix of Berries under Fruktovy ostrov trademark. This mix is a real source of substances necessary for immunity maintenance strawberry, raspberry and blackberry rich on vitamins are contained in it. It is useful for organism and not weighty in terms of price as all the other products of Fruktovy ostrov trademark. Besides, this is summer product as summer is the time when one wants pleasant emotions, bright colors and taste. And the bright package of Fruktovy ostrov looks very attractive this is a tropical island with palms and golden beach, it is the place where one wants to be on a hot summer day.

It is better to quench thirst with juices. It is both tasty and useful. And Fruktovy ostrov juices comply with modern market tendencies and requests of even the most demanding consumer.

Business Kazakhstan, 29.06.2012


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