Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote about the newly-designed product DARIO Wellness.

Wellness: juicy harmony

Fight with the stress

Conflicts in the office, problems in the family, fatigue, easy fatigability – who does not face these problems? Nowadays human needs additional measures to fight with everyday stresses, influence of unfavorable environmental factors and other negative manifestations of modern city life. Psychologists say that only balanced person can effectively fight with the stress and in everyday hurry we all lack harmony. That is why new life philosophy wellness (from English “be well” that means well-doing or well-being) grows popularity, this is lifestyle in the basis of which there is physical and spiritual health that forms harmony feeling. Wellness-products are a new word for Russian consumers but demand on them constantly grows. Today we will speak about one of such products namely unique mixes DARIO WELLNESS.

In search for harmony

Main components of wellness-philosophy that allow a modern person achieve harmony are beauty and body care, mental activity, sports for satisfaction and balanced nutrition. The latter term meaning should be understood with special care. In the press constantly arise new stories about doubtful biologically active additives (BAA) that are demonstrated to us a key to health and beauty preservation and really some of them as well as in case of incorrect use do not have reviving action or even (alas) cause harm. At the drugstore racks there can be found vitamins namely for all cases at present and one even forgets that the most natural way to get them is to eat right products.

Return to nature

Vitamins that we used to image in plastic boxes are really contained in much friendly for our organism form in fruit and vegetables. And for those territories where vegetables and fruit do not grow in enough quantity humanity long time ago invented such perfect thing as natural juices. Juice quality is regulated by GOST and not all producers can say that their products are produced in accordance with these standards. DARIO Wellness products comply with GOST that’s why quality of these wellness-products inspires confidence.

It additionally should be taken into account that different fruit have different properties. Among juicy gifts of nature there are its own champions on healthy nutrients content. In a difficult fight for a healthy lifestyle human is assisted with superfruit.

Superfruit are a way to health

A superfruit is a stable term come to us from the Western Europe. This is the name for fruit and berries that differ with higher content of antioxidants (those that free us from oxidative stress an attack of free radicals). Inquisitive human mind has long ago determined where we should search for saving ingredients.

Superfruit to which belong for instance acai, blackberry, cranberry, pomegranate, lime and litchi when regularly consumed gives possibility to preserve youth and beauty for many years as well as increase protective forces of the organism.

Acai is a unique product without which all modern people keeping healthy and sporting lifestyle all over the world cannot imagine their food ration. Nutritionists unanimously approved amazon superfruit to be a real pantry of health. Acai strengthens immune system, improves metabolic processes, makes skin healthy and shining, prevents early organism aging.

Where can you taste this superfruit? Do you really have to go to Brazil? Fortunately, acai and the other superfruit are contained in a unique product DARIO Wellness. Compositions for DARIO Wellness were developed with participation of European technologists and comply with the latest tendencies in the field of healthy nutrition. Combination of superfruit in these mixes are chosen in such a way that to maximally develop their useful and tasty properties.

Now for each follower of wellness-philosophy there is a perfect, modern and useful product DARIO Wellness that will help to preserve inner harmony feeling!

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 16.07.2012


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