Krasavchik has new site!

“SUNFRUIT” Company producer of 100% juices, nectars and ice tea is glad to inform about updating the site of Krasavchik brand. The site was updated after package change. Bow-tie logo made Krasavchik more elegant and emotional. That’s why site design became laconic and elegant. Beautiful, ripe fruit warmed by the sun can be seen in quantity at the site pages that absolutely complies with Krasavchik brand motto that is Juice of beautiful fruit.

Consumers and partners can find at the site all the necessary information: news and promotion events with Krasavchik brand participation, product range, information about production, sales geography. In the section Media one can watch all Krasavchik brand videos. By the way, the main hero Antonio and his girlfriend one can see at the pages of the site as well.

Krasavchik brand develops in accordance to information tendencies thats why from the site you can easily get to our pages Vkontakte and Google+.

Welcome to official site of Krasavchik!


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