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Perm goes to juices: health is above anything.

Everybody feels thirsty in summer heat and both producers and sellers of refreshment drinks have “hot season” started. Following the last years data non-alcoholic drinks sales in Perm in summer months at some points increase up to in three times. Consumers’ preferences also change: citizens feeling thirst even oftener pay attention to what they drink and want to get from refreshment drinks not only satisfaction but also usefulness.

Citizens of Perm gradually come closer to Europeans traditionally paying greater attention to healthy nutrition in terms of fruit juices consume. Summer is the best time for vitamin charge for the whole year, juicy and tasty fruit in this season oftener come to our table. But besides the citizens of Perm in heat choose natural fruit juices as preferable drinks even oftener.

Earlier preference for a long time was given to carbonated drinks: in particular, in the period of financial and economic crisis people oftener bought cheap but artificial products trying to save some money. At present this situation is nearly equal.

Following ACVI (Analytical Center Video International) data in the year 2011 Russian consumers of refreshment drinks preferred juices and mineral water (59% in sales) and the carbonated drinks – just 41%.

All in all in Russia for the year 2011 non-alcoholic products for an amount of 194.9 billion rubles were sold. In comparison to the previous year sales volume increased by 5.8%. Following Intesco Research Group data in leaders in terms of non-alcoholic drinks retail trade turnover with exception of Moscow and the Moscow Region and Saint-Petersburg in terms of price Novosibirsk, Tyumen Regions as well as the Republic of Bashkortostan were included.

In summer 2012 in Perm mineral water and juices really were bought with significantly higher volumes than in the previous years. At the market the following producers are present: Lebedyansky JSC (brands Ya, Fruktovy sad, Tonus), CSJC Multon (Rich, Dobry, Bio-time), Nidan Juices JSC (Caprice, Moya semya, Da!), WimmBillDann (J7, Lyubimy sad). However, recently such juices as Sady Pridonya and DARIO are also bought. Factor determining for consumers is not only price and color of the drink even more people pay attention to juice composition and its healthy properties.

Regional producers do not fall behind such huge companies as PepsiCo (Lebedyansky and WimmBillDann) and Coca Cola (Multon and Nidan): the third and the fourth places at Russian market following the year 2011 results (in accordance to Russian Juice Producers Union data) are taken by Sady Pridonya (6.7% of the market) and SUNFRUIT (4.8%), the fifth place is taken by the company Interagrosystems (4%).

Following the materials disclosed at the conference Russian market of juice products: analysis, perspectives and industry development tendencies in the year 2012, juice consumption in the regions was 20 liters per person in the year 2000.

However, citizens of Perm have something to strive to: in Europe and America where people for many decades more attentively take care about their health juice consumption is twice higher. In the Netherlands this consumption is 50 liters, in Finland 41 liter, in France and Great Britain 34-35 liters per person.

Returning to summer season peculiarities it worth mentioning that in some paradoxical way fruit juices are considered to be even healthier that vegetables and fruit in their natural form. As in one package of a natural juice healthy minerals and vitamins content is greater than in a kilogram of vegetables or fruit. It is important to pay attention to products quality. Not all producers can confirm that their juices are produced in compliance with GOST. For instance, all the products of SUNFRUIT (and these are three brands of juice and nectars of different price segment Krasavchik, DARIO and Fruktovy ostrov) are produced in accordance with GOST passing multi-level control.

In terms of objective healthy properties it is confirmed by the doctors that juices help get through vitamin deficiency, compensate nutrition unbalance and strengthen immunity.

Nowadays healthy nutrition tendency is superfruit. This is stable term come from the Western Europe. This is the name for fruit and berries differ with higher antioxidant content that can fight many consequences of the life in urban environment.

Advanced developments of SUNFRUIT Company are based on useful properties of antioxidants.

Recently the Company presented its new products to the wide public unique mixes DARIO Wellness, that do not have analogues at Russian market. Superfruit are included in their composition. If taken regularly mixes are a perfect way to keep strong health and at the same time one of the most pleasant ways to quench thirst in a hot Perm summer.

New Companion, Perm, 01.08.2012


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