SUNFRUIT made Perm cleaner.

On the 21st of June awarding of the participants of the promotion event “Hunt for plastic” took place. The Company SUNFRUIT was glad to support this environmental project. For the whole month citizens of Perm and the Region cleaned our beloved territory from plastic. Each wishing to can exchange 20 plastic bottles to Krasavchik juice. Probably, owing to prize fund as well this promotion event got great popularity. Following the project results 85,000 plastic bottles were collected that is 2 tons (!). This promotion event is also important taking into account the fact that all the plastic is used as secondary raw materials. And the part of it will be changed into chemical fiber for instance sintepon.

SUNFRUIT is the company with socially responsible business, - says Marketing Director of SUNFRUIT Olga Litvinenko that’s why not only our production is environmentally friendly, but we additionally can support such environmental events. We are glad that owning to promotion event Hunt for plastic and together with the trademark Krasavchik our beloved Perm Territory became even cleaner and more beautiful!


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