08.08.2012 SUNFRUIT starts new plant construction.

“SUNFRUIT” Company, a producer of 100% juices, nectars and drinks is glad to report on new plant construction project start. We will remind that already in April, 2011 at the meeting of co-founders decision on construction was taken.

01.08.2012 New Companion wrote an article about SUNFRUIT Company.

Perm goes to juices: health is above anything.

Everybody feels thirsty in summer heat and both producers and sellers of refreshment drinks have “hot season” started. Following the last years data non-alcoholic drinks sales in Perm in summer months at some points increase up to in three times. Consumers’ preferences also change: citizens feeling thirst even oftener pay attention to what they drink and want to get from refreshment drinks not only satisfaction but also usefulness.

16.07.2012 Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote about the newly-designed product DARIO Wellness.

Wellness: juicy harmony

Fight with the stress

Conflicts in the office, problems in the family, fatigue, easy fatigability – who does not face these problems? Nowadays human needs additional measures to fight with everyday stresses, influence of unfavorable environmental factors and other negative manifestations of modern city life. Psychologists say that only balanced person can effectively fight with the stress and in everyday hurry we all lack harmony. That is why new life philosophy wellness (from English “be well” that means well-doing or well-being) grows popularity, this is lifestyle in the basis of which there is physical and spiritual health that forms harmony feeling. Wellness-products are a new word for Russian consumers but demand on them constantly grows. Today we will speak about one of such products namely unique mixes DARIO WELLNESS.

02.07.2012 Krasavchik has new site!

“SUNFRUIT” Company producer of 100% juices, nectars and ice tea is glad to inform about updating the site krasavchik.ru of Krasavchik brand. The site was updated after package change.

29.06.2012 In the newspaper Business Kazakhstan an article about SUNFRUIT Company was issued.

Summer-2012: let’s drink juices!

Summer is coming – it is a rush time for travel companies and other participants of “vocational” market. Expecting seasonal increase of consumer activity there are supplies of refreshment drinks: it is not a secret that this market in summer is especially dynamic. Each year consumers preferences in relation to that what to drink in hot days change. What are such tendencies and what will the citizens of the Republic drink this summer?

25.06.2012 In the magazine Expert of Ural an article about SUNFRUIT Company was issued

How can the market share be increased by a regional producer?

Juice market in Russia is one of the most intensively developing segments. Juice consumption for the year 2011 has not significantly changed and following the year results it will be about 21 liters per person. Conclusion that the market has a huge potential can be made due to the fact that in Europe this indication reaches 50 liters.

28.05.2012 SUNFRUIT made Perm cleaner.

On the 21st of June awarding of the participants of the promotion event “Hunt for plastic” took place. The Company SUNFRUIT was glad to support this environmental project. For the whole month citizens of Perm and the Region cleaned our beloved territory from plastic.

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