SUNFRUIT-Trade trademarks are presented in different price segments: Dario TM premium segment, Krasavchik TM medium price segment, Fruktovy ostrov TM low price segment. Due to the well-balanced brand portfolio, the Company develops and maintains its positions on the market even during crisis periods.

According to GOST standards, based on which the products of SUNFRUIT-Trade are produced, the fruit juice volume ratio in 100% juice fully complies with the natural composition; nectars contain 25%-50% of fruit juice depending on the fruit type, and the fruit juice volume ratio in juice drinks makes up at least 10%.

DARIO Wellness

Juicy harmony

“Dario” is the Company’s first trademark that appeared in December, 2001. Only high quality raw materials from the world’s best suppliers are used for production of 100% juices and nectars. Bright and modern package design emphasizes the premium quality of the product. “Dario” is meant for those who appreciate the natural product and take care of their health.

Krasavchik Juice

Juice from beautiful fruits
Thanks to its high quality and variety of flavors, Krasavchik brand, produced since September 2003, quickly has gained popularity among consumers and has become the most famous brand of Krasavchik, combines brightness, emotionality, warmth of friendly meetings, beauty and elegance. Only the best fruits the most beautiful, ripe and delicious are used for making juice and nectars of Krasavchik brand.

Fruktovy ostrov

Tropics at your home!
Juices, nectars and drinks of the low price segment trademark Fruktovy ostrov have been produced starting from December, 2006. Due to the efficient distribution system and consumers acceptance, Fruktovy ostrov has won popularity among the mainstream audience. The product line of popular tastes allowed Fruktovy ostrov get the status of the Companys most actively developing trademark.

Private Label

Private LabelSUNFRUIT-Trade quickly responses to the needs of its partners in terms of the changing market conditions and increasing competition. The Company offers retail networks, distributors and other potential partners production under Private Label. Filling of the juice products under private labels represents an optimal solution allowing you avoid considerable investments in your own production.Details.

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